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JD Hyomin
negative of be going to Hi~ Please give me any help about my question. I know the negative form of "be going to" is "be not going to" But in the negative of infinitive, 'not' is positioned in front of 'to'. So I wonder "be going not to" is correct grammatically. For example Are 'I'm not going to drink coffee' and 'I'm going not to drink coffee' same? Thanks for your help in advance~ Sincerely
17 de nov de 2016 5:56
Answers · 2
Actually, the negative of “to be going to” is “not to be going to.” All we do is negate “to be” in the usual way: He is not a football player. He is not playing football. He is not going to play football. We can also use contractions: He isn’t here. He isn’t going to play. He’s not here. He’s not going to play.
17 de Noviembre de 2016
JD Hyomin
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