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Confused about some lines of a sitcom The first scene is that the couple heard some noise sounds like a robber break in the house. The husband grabbed a gun and asked his wife where she hid the bullets. The wife said:“They're in the finger holes of your new bowling ball.” The father said:“Oh, this is real easy. This is much better than keeping them handy. Even an axe-wielding maniac deserves an even break.” I don't understand why did he say "Even an axe-wielding maniac deserves an even break." what does the "even break"mean? A fair chance? The second scene is that a girl gets angry with her brother because he said some things she wanted to keep secret. She said:“I thought we had code words for things like this. The brother said:"We're late on our code payments." Did the brother mean that she should pay money to him if she want to keep secret?
Nov 17, 2016 5:37 PM
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Hi James, Yes it means have a fair chance. Sarcastic, meant to be funny. I'm not sure, it depends on the context. He might have been saying that they really haven't update their code words, or that maybe she didn't keep a secret for him or that he didn't feel like helping her or maybe he was mad at her for some reason. Again this is meant to be funny. Hope this helps. Sue
November 17, 2016
Yeah it means "a fair chance" but an "even break" is a terrible sentence in this context and sounds odd. "we're late on our code payments" is just satire and a crude attempt at humor. I'd totally forget that expression. It's purely invented and not in standard use in English.
November 18, 2016
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