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Tiffany lam
Help!the passive sentence is hardly to understand ● The straggling unmade road was lined on either side by the house. Simple form: the road was lined by the house It‘s passive sentence(被动句,i'm from china), right? Q: Does the subject is the road?? or the house especailly is in here? A: so the sentence means whether the road lies the sides of the house? B: or the sentence means whether the house perches on the sides of the road? which is correct? for other examples: ● The side of the lake was lined by trees. literal translation(直译):湖畔被树排列。 it's awkward. actually, the sentence is translated as: "湖畔(on the side of the lake)树木成行" but, 树木(trees)成行(as rows)中,树木是主语(trees are the subject, no the side of the lake)
Nov 18, 2016 6:19 AM
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Hi! Number one is actually should be, "The straggling unmade road was lined on either side by houses." And yes, the road is the grammatical subject. Imagine a long road...and on both the left and right side of the road there are many houses "lining" (following / demarcating) the road. The second example is also a passive. And here, too, the lake side is the grammatical subject. I think one big problem with these sentences is that they seem to come from an English language grammar book. My advice is to NEVER use examples in textbooks as real or accurate samples of English. Instead, read a blog article online. Read a travel site. Read anything that is written to communicate...then find examples in there. Good question, though!
November 18, 2016
A. "The straggling, unmade road was lined on either side by houses." The subject and doer of the action is "houses" in this passive-voice sentence. To transform to active voice, say "Houses lined the straggling, unmade road on either side". B. In the second sentence, "The side of the lake was lined by trees". Yes, "trees" does the action. It is the subject. In active voice, the sentence would read "Trees lined the side of the lake".
November 19, 2016
Tiffany lam
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