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how should I use the word " discriminate ? are these examples correct? i think I need to use the preposition " against, is it right? 1. there is too much discrimination against black people / People discriminate against black people 2. We shouldn´t discriminate anyone on account of their race or sex 3. She was discriminated because of her political ideas PLease, let me know what sentences patterns are most common to you. Thank you
2016年11月18日 14:03
Answers · 2
In your sentences 2 & 3 you omitted the preposition 'against' where it was needed. It is also possible to 'discriminate in favour of somebody or something. This is also known as positive discrimination. Hope this helps Bob
Yes, sentence one is fine. In two and three you need to add the word 'against,' after the word 'discriminate.'
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