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Davide K
can you help me to correct the terrible grammar ? A: let's go to Undefeated this afternoon ! B:"Y?" A:"(take a look at / search /?) some limited edition AJ B:you gonna buy it ? A: no , just ( take a look / ? ) , I haven't get the salary yet. Can you tell me how to say it in the natural or native way please ? Thank you very much ;-)
19 nov. 2016 13:20
Answers · 3
Hi, David! A: Let's go to Undefeated this afternoon! B: Why? A: To take a look at/ to search for some limited addition AJ. B: Are you going to buy it? A: No, I just want to take a look (at it). I haven't gotten my salary yet.
19 novembre 2016
Davide K
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