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What does 이정도면 한국어 지이인짜 잘하는거잖아요 mean? What does "이정도면 한국어 지이인짜 잘하는거잖아요" and "멋지당" mean? I know what that means but i need best translation for these sentences.
Nov 19, 2016 3:01 PM
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이정도면 한국어 지이인짜 잘하는거잖아요 == 이 정도면 한국어 진짜 잘하는 것이잖아요? => Speaking like this is really good Korean, isn't it? => To speak as good as this, you must be really good at Korean. * 이 정도면 (이 정도이면) is a conditional form of 이 정도이다 = is(이다) at this(이) level(정도). It means "if you're at this level (that I'm speaking)" or "if you can do/speak it as good as this". * 진짜 잘하는 것이잖아요? is saying 진짜 잘하는 것이에요 emphatically by asking the negative of it rhetorically. 진짜(really) 잘하는(doing/speaking well) 것(thing, that)이에요(it is) means "it is [I am] speaking Korean really well". 멋지당 (멋지다) means "It's [or he/she is] cool/awesome/fantastic", depending on the context.
November 20, 2016
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