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Anna Fanciulli
Diferença entre Obrigado "Muito obrigado" "Brasileiros são obrigados a votar"
Nov 19, 2016 7:11 PM
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They are just two different words spelled the same. "Muito obrigado" - Here 'obrigado' means 'Thank you'. "Brasileiros são obrigados a votar" - Here 'obrigados' is a verb ('obrigar') in the past, it means 'obliged' or 'forced'. Another examples: Eu fui obrigado a viajar. - I was forced/obliged to travel. Obrigado pela atenção - Thank you for your attention.
November 19, 2016
Hello Ana! 1) The word “obrigado” comes from the Latin verb “obligare,” which translates as “obligate” in English (“obrigado” is the participle past tense for the verb “obrigar” that means “obligate,” “force,” “impose”). That's why the sentence "Brasileiros são obrigados a votar" is translated as "Brazilians are obliged to vote" (gives the idea that they must to vote). 2) But we have this famous expression: "Obrigado" or "Muito obrigado". In the context of gratitude, it means that that person feels obligated to feel grateful for something that another person did. This expression was longer before, but nowadays we only say "obrigado" that is translated as "Thank you" in English. P.S.: You can read this article here in Italki:'t-Know-About-Obrigado
November 21, 2016
Hi Anna! Here in Brazil we have so many words with a DOUBLE meaning. I'll tell you some examples: The word COMO. COMO means: Eat and also "How?" to ask a question. For example: Eu COMO feijão com arroz (I EAT rice and beans). COMO posso entender? (HOW can I understand?) And another example is the word SAIA (skirt / get out!) Uau, que SAIA preta linda! (Wow, what a beautiful black SKIRT). SAIA daqui! (Get out of here!) So the same happens in this case that you asked about. Muito obrigado! (Thank you so much!) Brasileiros são obrigados a votar (Brazilian people are forced to vote). Always remember: A MAN must say: OBRIGADO. A WOMAN must say: OBRIGADA. Homens brasileiros são OBRIGADOS a votar. Mulheres brasileiras são OBRIGADAS a votar. That's it. =)
November 19, 2016
Muito obrigado means Thank you Brasileiros são obrigados a votar means that brazilians are forced to vote
November 20, 2016
muito obrigado- In that case obrigado means - thank you! Brasileiros são obrigados a votar- here it means - brasileiros are forced
January 11, 2017
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