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'' '' این الگوی '' چیزی یا کسی را +صفت یا قید +دیدن dear Friends, in my new lesson there is a structure '' چیزی یا کسی را +صفت یا قید +دیدن, and one of the example is : خروس روباه را وحشت زده دید. what exactly does this sentence mean? can you make your sentences with شکسته ,حیرت زده، گرما زده ? and write the meaning in english for me? THANKS!
Nov 20, 2016 3:23 AM
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Hi Shirley, The sentence you've seen means: "The rooster found the fox petrified/scared/ ,etc.". That is, "The rooster saw that the fox was scared". This pattern uses only adjectives and not adverbs. If you use adverbs, the meaning of "دیدم" will be totally different. The sentences following this pattern are a bit too formal for spoken Persian. Some example (with adj.): به خانه که برگشتم پنجره اتاقم را شکسته دیدم. (When I got back home, I figured that my room's window had been broken.) دوستم را حیرت زده دیدم و احوالش را جویا شدم. (I found my friend dazzled, so I asked him how he was feeling.) دوستم را گرمازده دیدم که پس از ساعتها سرگردانی در بیابان تازه به خانه رسیده بود. (I found my friend heat-stricken at his home after he had wandered for hours in the desert.) Some examples (with adv.): او را به خوبی دیدم که داشت از فروشگاه دزدی می کرد. (I saw him well, when he was shoplifting.) آن قدر باران در جاده شدید بود که اتوموبیل جلویی را به سختی می دیدم. (The rain was so heavy I could see the front car with difficulty.) I hope you find my explanation informative and useful. Best, Ehsan
November 20, 2016
خروس روباه را وحشت زده دید well, it can be perceived in two way. 1.the fox was horrified and the rooster saw him at this time. 2. the rooster became horrified when he saw the fox. من مادرم را حیرت زده دیدم this is more likely to be perceived in one way, I saw my mother when she was surprised. آنها فسیل را حیرت زده دیدند! this is exactly perceived in this way : the saw the fossil and got surprised,amazed... من پدر بزرگم را گرمازده در آفتاب دیدم I think, it is perceived exactly in this way: I saw my grandfather when his body overheated under the sun. من او را شکسته دیدم! I think it's perceived exactly in this way : I saw him and he was so old... من گلدان را شکسته دیدم I saw the vase and it was broken. note that they are how my mind perceive them. I think the english translation does not show how exactly a farsi speaker sees the cases above. I hope someone better informed answer this question as well.
November 20, 2016
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