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How do native English-language speakers use fab or fabby in their daily life?
20 nov 2016 04:14
Answers · 6
I've never heard anyone say 'fabby.' In the past, 'fab!' was quite popular with young people. It's not used much these days. It's out of fashion. Don't use it. You'll sound as if you are from the 1960s ! (But you can use 'fabulous!" of course)
20 novembre 2016
We don't. lol I suppose if someone were trying to talk like a hippy. "That coat's pretty fab, man." Tip. Don't use fab or fabby with an English native; at least not an American. Maybe those Brits might prefer the word. lol
20 novembre 2016
I've never heard fabby in Australia, but possibly fab was used in the 90's as slang. I can't say it's a popular expression though.
20 novembre 2016
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