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People wait patiently in queues or people waiting patiently in queues During demonetization In India,I see a lot of "people are waiting patiently in the queues all over India at ATMs,Banks etc" and the English news channel is showing this news in their headlines as "People wait patiently in queues." This is the context. My questions are as follows 1.I know that news headlines are in present simple for immediacy and progressive for changing events. In this case,It should be "People waiting patiently in queues" Why is present simple "People wait patiently in queues" used here? 2.For news headlines,do the two sentences "People wait patiently in queues" and "people waiting patiently in queues" carry the same meaning?
Nov 20, 2016 5:49 AM
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I think they have chosen "wait" here because it is a general phenomenon all over India across different days up to now and not just one situation which is happening now. To give another example: "Strong winds battering south of England" - it's happening now "Strong winds batter south of England" - it either has happened already or it has been happening at various times up to and including now
November 20, 2016
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