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How to interpret this old 4 character saying? I stumbled across this 4 character type saying. I wonder if I have captured its sense correctly? (Probably not!) 微妙在智,触类而长 ,玄通阴了, 巧夺造化 This is from: 古代成语,含褒义. Old saying, with a positive sense. 典故出自东晋郭璞《葬书》. A classical story from the Dong Jin Dynasty author Guo Pu's <<Burial Book>> 就是夸它做的非常好. The saying praises the book as very well written. This is my short interpretation: 1. 微妙在智,subtle in wisdom 2. 触类而长,contact such and grow 3. 玄通阴了,mysterious expert hidden understand 4. 巧夺造化 opportunely take control of Nature This is my longer interpretation: 1.精神满腹(的人,)minds full of wisdom (people) 2. 通过研究一件事情,演绎出类似事情的工作方法, by means of studying things, infer how similar things work 3. 从而了解大自然的神秘运作, thus understand Nature's mysterious workings 4. 然后巧妙地控制自然(造化)。 then ingeniously control Nature herself.
Nov 20, 2016 11:37 PM
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微妙在智,True wisdom lies in the subtleties (as opposed to the English saying, "the devil lies in the details") 触类而长 , Similiar in kind yields similar knowledge 玄通阴阳,Within Ying and Yang are the mysteries [of the universe] 巧夺造化 Greater wonders than [those found in] Nature
November 21, 2016
我们现在只用从这句话中提炼出的成语:巧夺天工—wonderful workmanship excelling nature
November 21, 2016
谢谢都! 巧写我工 和和!
November 22, 2016
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