wang zhongjia
我的造句练习。请大家指出我的错误,谢谢:) 1. 有关犯罪的细节性描述引发对部分人群的偏见。 The detailed description about crimes lead to bias towards certain groups of people. 2.个人在保护环境方面的重要性不能被忽略。 The significance of personal in protect environment should not be ignore. 3. 很多偏远地区的孩子因疾病或残疾无法上学。 Many remote ares children can not attend school for disability or illness. 4. 个人可以通过和朋友,邻居,同事分享节能信息鼓励他人过低碳环保生活。 Individuals could aspire others live low—carbon and environmentally friendly life by sharing information with friends ,neighbors and colleagues. 5. 智能手机可以让人们随时随地通过社交网站和更多人分享想法。 Smart phone make people sharing ideals with broader audience by social networking websites at any time, and anywhere.
Nov 21, 2016 10:37 AM
wang zhongjia
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