kim songjun
What does the writer mean in this confusing context? Hi everybody. i'm new English learner and now I'm reading a book which is about socialization. The writer said that socialization inhibited our natural human being, but some people still go to enforce it. The book has a paragraph: "There are seemingly no limits to how far some people will go to enforce the traditional socialization, consciously or not, but its inherent flaws luckily become apparent when they do go too far. It is not that it is unlikely someone will try to attack people who get rid of it, as one’s socialization can make people commit even more foolish acts than that to preserve the status quo, but it would luckily not work very well and only expose the flaws of logic that our traditional socialization includes". 1) i don't know what is "it" in the expressions "its inherent flaws" and " it would luckily not work very well" 2) I can't understand the writer's meaning in "It is not that it is unlikely someone ...socialization includes". Can you answer that two problems?
Nov 21, 2016 3:41 PM
kim songjun
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