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Conversation A : Really, what do you like from her ? B : Nothing... Whenever I see her laughs, I keep fluttering. A : Omg this is crazy. What's with you ? That girl is an average. The girls in the next room are a lot prettier ! B : But what do I do. I think I've fall for this one. A : 도대체 쟤가 뭐가 그리 좋아 ? B : 그냥.. 웃으면서 볼때마다 설레네 A : 아우 미치겠다. 제정신이냐 ? 옆방에 여자들은 더예쁘잖아 ! B : 근데 어떡해.. 나 어차피 이미 빠진것같아 I've been experimenting in making conversations in korean. Are there any mistakes ? Is that a natural translation ? Thank you !
Nov 21, 2016 5:22 PM
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Only the second line is a bit problematic. B : 그냥.. 웃으면서 볼때마다 설레네 => 그냥. 웃는 걸 볼 때마다 (마음이) 설레네. 웃으면서 볼 때마다 is more like "whenever I sea her while (I'm) smiling".
November 22, 2016
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