Can anyone help me to translate these sentences to Arabic I'm translating a short movie about Alzheimer's, however i'm having difficulties in translating some sentences such as: 1-As I move closer to the night 2-My mind is horribly under siege trying to stay alive 3-See a stranger disassembling 4-In a shell of who I used to be In sentence(1)I couldn't find any good translation, while in the second sentence I was confused between these two translations ذاكرتي تحت حصار فضيع تحاول ان تبقي نشطه in here I tried to connect the translation to the meaning عقلي تحت حصار فضيع بمحاولة للبقاء على قيد الحياة but in here it was the case of literal translation In sentence(3)I couldn't connect the relationship between the two words "stranger" and "disassembling". In sentence(4)I tried to translate the meaning but i'm not sure if it's correct or not في هيكل لمن اعتدت ان اكون If you're an expert in Arabic translation plz help me in correcting these mistakes and if you're a native please try to explain those sentences as much as you can. Thank you
Nov 21, 2016 10:53 PM
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1- بينما اقترب للمساء 2- عقلي محاصر بشكل فضيع يحاول البقاء حياً 3- شاهٍد شخص غريب يفكك 4- في هيكل كمن اعتدت أن أكون كما قال الأخ ادريس, الأفضل كتابة كامل الجملة, أو الجملة السابقة, لكي نعرف ماهو المعنى لكنني قمت بترجمة ما استطيع
November 22, 2016
Hello 1-As I move closer to the nightبينما أسير قرب الليل 2-My mind is horribly under siege trying to stay aliveعقلى تحت حصار بصورة مرعبة يحاول ان يبقى على قيد الحياة 3-See a stranger disassembling رايت غريب مفكك 4-In a shell of who I used to beفى بوتقة اعتدت ان اكون بها
November 26, 2016
Thank you for correcting me:).
November 23, 2016
There's no word in Arabic called فضيع. It's فظيع.
November 23, 2016
you're absolutely right here's the transcript of the movie: Oh my daughter how you watched me with such pity As I wander through your house it hurts me to see you hurt Becomes of me but there is nothing I can do My mind is horribly under siege trying to stay alive Each day each hour each moment but there is nothing I can do And as I move closer to the night. Mama it's so difficult as I watched time take you away Each day that goes by my pain grows for you I wonder what will tomorrow be like Where will you be in a week A month a year from now in Where will you be mama Sometimes the way you look at me The way you stare at me I can tell That you see stranger disassembling and an unresponsive, a shell of who I used to be I don't blame you for feeling the way you do I know I'm not the same anymore After all, I cant even hold a glass Up to my mouth ,I eat like a child With my figures And when I try to help around the house I do things that are Out of the ordinary even though I believe I'm helping but I'm not “am I” And oh yes I wear diapers now Because I can't be me anymore no I'm not the same anymore but remember me As I was not as I am be patient with me And continue. To show me your love I know I'm always falling asleep I want to stay a wake Because it makes me feel good when I see you But than sometimes when I see I don't know you And yet you’re my daughter who genuinely loves me And you show it and I can feel it deep inside
November 23, 2016
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