Ask for suggestions on a transcript of an finance english program i am doing a radio program where i (Chinese) and my partner(native-english speaker) are reading a foreign articel about finance to our listerners, i think the transcript is kind of boring, coz it is kind of my partner read the sentence and i kind of translate them. i am asking how can i make this program fun? could some of you give me suggestions on part of my transcipt , thanks~ A: Yes, there's a very good chance that asset managers in countries like Bahrain, Qatar, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia will start offering gold investment products, such as gold exchange-traded funds. B: 当这个新的黄金标准通过后,一些重要的伊斯兰金融中心国家的资产管理人,比如bahrian巴林,qatar卡塔尔,indonesia印尼,saido araboa沙特还有malaysia马来西亚,将开始提供黄金ETFs基金等黄金投资产品。 A: Yes,The World Gold Council have stated that we can expect to see an additional demand of ‘hundreds of tonnes’ once the sharia gold standard has been approved. B; 世界黄金协会称,一旦沙里亚黄金标准通过,市场可以预期这将产生hundreds of tonnes “数百吨”的额外实物需求。
Nov 22, 2016 6:33 AM
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Sometimes, making something that is very factual interesting is very difficult. Do you have to talk about this particular subject? If so, perhaps you should accept that to you it may sound boring, but to other people listening, it could be very good information. How you speak can make all the difference, so maybe focus on your delivery of the material if you have no choice. If you are able to choose the material that you use, perhaps find something that has more potential to be interesting to your audience. When you know your audience, you know what they will be interested in.
November 22, 2016
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