为什么在itaki写不了作文了? 从昨天开始就一直写不了作文,起先一直是显示更新成功,但是没有看到作文传上去。后来直接显示更新失败,或者说每日的作文数量已经用完,但是我没看到我的作文啊?我还以为是作文数量有上限的,我一共有25篇作文,然后我专门去删了一篇,结果还是没用,有人遇到这种问题吗?求解 ? Are there someone who know why i cannot write a new notebook in itaki any more ? yesterday i went to upload a new notebook in itaki ,and itaki show i have uploaded successfully , but i did not see my notebook, and i tried again, but this time itaki always indicated that i failed to upload a new notebook and i have been over the limitation of daily notebook , but today i upload just a text, anybody meet such problem in itaki ?.
Nov 22, 2016 9:40 AM
Answers · 1
请忽略这个问题,已解决。 退出,再登录就可以了。
November 22, 2016
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