Please check if I correctly understand the meaning of these sentences. I need to understand a part of Essais de Morale of Pierre Nicole for my thesis on Italian literature. I've never learned French so I would appreciate it if you answer in English. (My English may not be perfect but you don't have to correct my minute grammatical errors I just need to understand the meaning of the sentence thank you.) Original text La plupart de choses sont bonnes et mauvaises, selon le tour qu'on y donne. La vie des mechents peut etre aussi utile que la vie des Saints, quand elle est bien proposee, qu'on en fait voir la misere, et qu'on inspire l'horreur. My translation The most things are good and bad depending on the time and circumstances. The life of bad persons can be as helpful as that of saints when it is described so that we actually see the misery in it and that it inspires horror in us.
Nov 24, 2016 3:43 PM
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Hi, I would translated like this: All things have good and bad, depending on the way you see them. The bad people's life cans be useful as Saint's life, when it's well expose, as we show misery and inspired horror. Hope will help
November 24, 2016
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