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Please improve this little poem, inspired by Vika's question below I want mittens for my kittens, can you help me please? If I get no kittens' mittens, their paws will surely freeze, 我给我小猫需要, 连指手套, 请,您会帮助我哦? 如果没找到小猫 练指手套 它们小爪子肯定会结冰! (I just don't want to go and do the housework, too much ironing to do!)
Nov 25, 2016 8:58 AM
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我给猫咪们找手套, 你是否愿意来帮我? 如果猫咪们没手套, 它们爪子就冻僵啦! 哈哈,好可爱的一首小诗,这样翻译成中文居然还可以有点押韵。
November 28, 2016
Great! I like it! In 小小掌兒成冰也 I should say 'xiao xiao 'jar' chengbing 'yar'' is that the rhyme?
November 30, 2016
Using a classical Chinese style poem will do the trick. 下 and 也 rhymes with each other; in accordance to poetry rules. 我為小貓手套畀 可請幫助我一下 若要手套即非有 小小掌兒成冰也 小貓手套畀 可助我一下 手套即非有 掌兒結冰也
November 29, 2016
I think it is great! Very good! 100% the same would be very difficult.
November 25, 2016
我想为小猫们弄手套, 你是否可以帮助到我? 如果小猫们都没手套, 他们的爪子就会结冰。 (It's not 100% same as original sentence.) It's really hard to translate Chinese to English directly with "stress-timed". Maybe Classical Chinese will more easier to do it.
November 25, 2016
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