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Bulgarian expressions Can someone give me some examples of words or phrases used in Bulgarian to express extreme feelings of good or bad? For example: amazing, awesome, great, unbelieveable, horrible, terrible, horrific. Thanks.
Nov 25, 2016 1:39 PM
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Sometimes we add "very"or other word that can make the phrase even stronger. For example: много як филм - very cool movie супер готино пътуване - super cool trip невероятно красиво - unbelievably beautiful адски забавно беше - (ад=hell) = it`s was hilarious, very funny страшно умен е - he is "scary" smart = he is very smart мега забавен е - he is very funny (very informal, because of "mega") уникално/изключително добро представяне - uniquely/ exceptionally good presentation
November 27, 2016
HI Mrs. K, Below you can find some (but not all) of the most used phrases. Some of them are used more in a daily spoken language: ===amazing, awesome, great=== Страхотно, невероятно, неописуемо, жестоко, яко, супер ===unbelieveable,=== Не мога да повярвам, не е за вярване, неописуемо, невероятно ===horrible, terrible, horrific.=== Ужасно, отвртително, гадно, страшно
November 25, 2016
Another way to say that something was horrible/terrible is the word зле. The literal meaning is bad, like for example I feel bad = Чувствам се зле is a common expression you can use anytime, but the word itself is often used in other situations figuratively. The movie was not good = Филмът беше много зле My English teacher is not good at all = Учителят ми по английски е много зле The food in the hotel was very bad = Храната в хотела беше много зле The 3 examples above can be used in very informal conversations only. Another quite slang word to express something bad and unpleasant is the word кофти. кофти ситуация = unpleasant situation кофти работа = same meaning but even more informal Кофти ми е = I feel bad (as a result of something that happened) These expressions are widely used in conversations between friends or very close people, they are not really rude, but keep in mind they are not really appropriate to use outside of your very close circle.
March 18, 2017
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