What does this mean?!? I found a tweet from a girl that had commited suicide, this is her last tweet before she died. Id like to know what it says if you can help. Thank you. 皆さんありがとうございました。シーシャ界隈のみんなからはいろんなスゲー事を教えて貰いました。楽しかったよ!! 何十年後かになるかわかんないけど地獄で会おうね❤️ じゃーねー! 会えて良かった!Edit* For anyone interested, her twitter auggests she was struggling with mental illness which probably caused her to end her own life. ご冥福を祈ります。
Nov 26, 2016 3:10 AM
Answers · 4
Thank you for everything. Guys from the group of Shisha have taught me a lot of things which are awesome. I had a wonderful time. See you guys in hell though I'm not sure when it would be how many decades later. Bye, I'm glad to see you guys This tweet is too weird... How did you find it?
November 26, 2016
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