What does this mean?!? Pt 2. I found another tweet related to the girl who had commited suicide. Please tell me the meaning. Thank you. 世間話も出来ない程に心が疲れたと言っているヒトに、精神科に入院すればみんなが優しくしてくれるから心が休まるという理由で入院を勧めると心無い人扱いを受ける。おk。覚えた。
Nov 26, 2016 3:38 AM
Answers · 2
世間話も出来ない程に心が疲れたと言っているヒトに、精神科に入院すればみんなが優しくしてくれるから心が休まるという理由で入院を勧めると心無い人扱いを受ける。おk。覚えた。 I think it's saying this: For someone saying she's too mentally exhausted even to have a casual chat, it'll only make you look like a heartless churl to recommend a stay at a psychiatric ward thinking she'll have a peace of mind because everyone will be nice to her in there. Ok. I got it.
November 26, 2016
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