Perfective tense and imperfective tense добре день, Я вивчав україну мову три місяць. I have question regarding Perfective and imperfective. 1, regarding perfect tense in Ukrainian, is it similar as the perfect tense of English ? 2, in the daily life speaking, how often people use the perfect tense, do all Ukrainian people can write the perfective & imperfective tense of a verb ? 3 is there anything for learner need to notice regarding perfect tense in Ukrainian. Thanks very much for your help !!!
Nov 26, 2016 1:36 PM
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I'll try to give an answer based on neighbouring languages which also use perfective verbs (Russian and Slovak). Hopefully a Ukrainian speaker can clarify this soon. 1) No. Absolutely no. Perfective verbs refer to complete actions, and they exist in the future or the past. What we call "perfect tense" in English is in fact "perfect ASPECT", and a completely different concept to perfective verbs in Slavic languages. 2) I can only assume using perfective/imperfective verbs is a given and not an option. Same with an average native English speaker using perfect aspect. It's a typical part of the language. 3) Yes: it doesn't exist in Ukrainian. Don't be misled by a similar-looking word. As I've written already, these are completely different concepts in completely different languages.
November 26, 2016
Hello Chandler! First of all I would like to improve your text in Ukrainian: Добрий день! Я вивчав українську мову три місяці. Regarding perfect tense in Ukrainian: I would say it is realy similar as the perfect tense in English, nothing special. Best regards Volodymyr
November 26, 2016
Hello, Chandler ... no, regarding perfect tense in Ukrainian not similar as the perfect tense of English ... sometimes we translate perect tense like regarding perfect tense but not always it depends of situation it's very hard to explain without examples
December 1, 2016
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