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Is the an Arabic word for siblings? I know how to say my brother and my sister. اخي - اختي but what if I want to say I have 4 sisters and 2 brother, or just I have 6 siblings? عندي ٤ ؟ و ٢ ؟
Nov 26, 2016 2:23 PM
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1/I hv 4 sisters= لدي أربع أخوات 2/I hv 2 brothers=لدي أخوين 3/I hv 6 siblings = لدي ستة أخوه 4/لدي=عندي the same
November 26, 2016
I have 4 sisters and 2 brother I have = لدي 4 sisters = أربع أخوات / 4 أخوات 2 brother =أخَوَيْن لدي أربع أخوات وأخوين
November 26, 2016
the word siblings would translate as -brothers-, the number of brothers / sisters / siblings does not conjugate in spoken arabic, therefore it would be عندي أربع خوات عندي أربع إخوة the latter could mean 4 brothers as well as 4 siblings
October 3, 2017
عندي 4 أخوات و أخّين
January 1, 2017
Sibling or siblings who are from same father and mother, they called: My female sibling : شقيقتي My male sibling: شقيقي My siblings: أشقائي I have 6 siblings: أنا لدي ستة أشقاء But using brothers "أخوة" works on siblings or not siblings, but if they were siblings, it's better to use "أشقاء", and brothers can be be better for who are from one side of parnets, only by mother side or father side
December 2, 2016
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