Hi! How do i say translate this correctly in korean? (this is addressed to someone in the same age so it should be informal) but this part is a bit confusing so "may all your wishes come true because you truly deserve the best things in life. you're amazing in every way possible and you make everyone happy. i hope that you're always happy and know you are loved and appreciated. you always make me so proud. i love you so much, sunshine. thank you so much for being an inspiration. i am forever grateful for your existence. Continue living your dream and doing what you love. im always here to support you. keep on being true to yourself and please don't ever change because you're perfect just the way you are. don't overwork yourself and remember to stay healthy! your smile is the most precious thing in the world, so please never stop smiling and continue to find joy in the little things. i want nothing more than for you to be happy. let's be together for a long long time." help me out plsㅠㅠ
Nov 26, 2016 4:22 PM
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