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How should I say when I wnat to check in and check out in hotel? I just say " I want to check out /in " ?
Nov 27, 2016 9:14 AM
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Great question! "I want to check in/out" is correct, but more polite and more typical is: "I would like to check in/out".
November 27, 2016
Don't worry in this situation. Whatever you say, they'll figure it out. Since they make money when you stay there, simply by being their customer you are automatically making them happy. I walk through the doors. I'm in the lobby. I see the "desk" (usually a big counter) ahead of me. If there's no line I walk up to it. If there's a line, I get in line. What I say may depend on whether I have a reservation. If I have a reservation I know they will need my name so I give it to them right away. Often the clerk speaks to me before I have a chance to speak to them. Here are some ways the conversation might go? Clerk: "Checking in?" Me: "Yes, Dan Smith, checking in, please, with a reservation." Me: "Checking in." Clerk: "Oh, hello, sir. Can I help you?" Me: "Yes, please. Dan Smith, checking in, with a reservation." Without a reservation, at a big chain hotel or motel on a highway--neither cheap nor expensive: Me: "Hi, I need a room for two nights for two people." Clerk: "Yes, we have one. Two twin beds or one king?" Me: "One king, please." Clerk: "Smoking or non-smoking?" Me: "Non-smoking, please." Clerk: "We have one for $119 a night." Me: "Do you have anything cheaper?" Clerk: "Yes, we have one on the second floor for $109." Me: "That's fine. Do you have a discount for AAA?" Clerk: "Yes, we have a 10% discount for AAA." One travel tip: in the United States, there are many small add-ons--various kinds of taxes and fees and such--that add up, so that "$109" room may end up costing $123.45. If you are on a tight budget, once they actually have you and the room in their computer, it is very reasonable to ask Me: "With the taxes and everything, what will get charged to my credit card?" Clerk: "If there are no additional charges, that will be $123.45."
November 27, 2016
Yes, you do! Adding a please is als nice. "Hello, I want to check in , please". Enjoy your trip!
November 27, 2016
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