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ASL - The American Sign Language Any kind of communication will always be welcome to my life, and that's why I decided to learn the "sign language" as my last language (I'm not so sure about this "last", so I would like to know: How are you guys learning it? Do you think it's necessary to pay for a teacher or anyone can handle that alone? How do you find the right material to help you to learn and keep improving it? Share your experience with me. Thanx in advance!! =)
Nov 27, 2016 1:24 PM
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When I started learning ASL in 2009 I had a Deaf co-worker who just started showing me signs while we were at work. She started tutoring me and I also started going to as many social events I could with signers. I definitely learned different things from tutoring and social settings. I think someone trying to learn could always start with one or the other, but in the long run I think I benefitted from having both one on one tutoring and socializing in only ASL on a regular basis.
June 27, 2017
I would say that you can probably begin just teaching yourself signs and some grammar online, but I definitely believe that you will eventually need a tutor or teacher. I believe this because, like any language, ASL has certain characteristics and things that can only be learned from a native/extremely good teacher. I recommend finding a teacher who is d/Deaf, hard of hearing, or very familiar with ASL and the Deaf community (most likely an interpreter). Additionally, if that person is someone from around where you live that is better because of there are some regional signs that vary from state to state.
May 10, 2017
I am an ASL teacher!
January 25, 2017
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