How do I translate this line from a Jesse and Joy song? How do I translate this line from More Than Amigos by Jesse and Joy? Que te vas a enamorar Google translate says it means "That you're going to fall in love". That sounds like it could be right but the "that" makes it sound a little weird.
Nov 27, 2016 3:49 PM
Answers · 5
¨¡Qué te vas a enamorar!¨ is a little bit tricky to translate into English, I´d say it means like the speaker is skeptikal about the probability of the statement. Let me give you an example about an skeptikal father: - Papá, papá he estudiado por muchas horas, creo que me voy a sacar la máxima nota. -¡Qué te vas a sacar la máxima nota! No se trata de la cantidad de horas de estudio, sino de la calidad de estas. I hope it is clear, if not send me a message. PD: I listened to the song and I liked it. :)
November 27, 2016
Hello Dawna, the expression "Que te vas a enamorar" means the action of "to fall in love" that's it. You know, sometimes the translator is not accurate but it's very useful. Regards
November 27, 2016
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