Apprenticeship/ vocational work/ training/ internship Could I have thus checked? An apprenticeship is like vocational work for students who dont go to university Intership is for students who have not graduatef yet.it is done while finishing a degree Training is general for any type In Spain we say" .estar de practicas".It can be paid , if after university or unpaid , if during the studies. It is also in jobs that dont need qualification like a shop. I wondered how to express this in English. Thank you very much
Nov 28, 2016 10:37 PM
Answers · 1
Not quite. (US usage) Both apprentices and interns are getting "on the job" training. They are supposed to be learning how to do their profession by going to work and doing the job while they're being supervised. I would tend to use "apprenticeship" more with the trades (or "blue collar" or manual labor) and I would tend to use "internship" more with non-manual labor (or "white collar"). But that isn't an absolute distinction. Some apprentices did go to college; some interns have not and will not ever. Internships are often done by high school and college students - instead of money, they may get college credits in return for their work. But, internships can also be done by people who are not in college. They may be paid or unpaid.
November 28, 2016
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