How would you say "shades of gray" or "subtle differences" on Spanish? I was talking with a friend who is a Spanish speaking (1st language/primary Language/ weak English). We were talking about concept or idea of life's subtle differences, I said those are "shades of gray" in that life's solutions are not binary. Using the word binary was not good as an example because, she did not have a technical background from which both binary and shades of gray derive. How might you express this in Spanish either as "subtle differences" or "shades of gray" ? Preferably both.
Nov 29, 2016 5:04 AM
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Hello Fred Yes, it might be a little confusing if its the first time she listen that expretion. I would rather use "Life is not all black or white", that its almost a litteral traduction of "[En la] vida no es todo blanco o negro".That sentence express the same idea as "life's subtle differences" or "shades of gray". In spanish, your sentences would be "[las] diferencias sutiles de la vida" and "escalas/matices de gris", respectively. I hope this answer works for you. Regards
November 29, 2016
"Subtle differences" in spanish is expressed with the word "matiz" (plural "matices"). You wouldn't need to say "matices de gris", simply "matices" conveys the meaning of slightly different colours, or subtle differences. For example, there´s a famous quote by a spanish writer/philosopher (Baroja) who said "En la verdad no puede haber matices. En la mentira, muchisimos." (a liberal translation would be "there can´t be shades of truth, but there are many shades of deceit") See:
November 29, 2016
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