The word INSANE, is it used in England and in USA? So, I am learning English alone and then I have this doubt. I would like to know if this word INSANE. is it used only in England or in another countries? Thanks for your help and support.
Nov 29, 2016 4:29 PM
Answers · 6
'Insane' is standard English, and it is used everywhere in the English-speaking world.
November 29, 2016
The word is also used in the United States.
November 29, 2016
Yes, it's used in the United States. It's used for a whole range of meanings: the straightforward literal meaning, or various figurative meanings. Steve Jobs of Apple Computer loved to use the phrase "insanely great." "Dave's Insanity Sauce" is a hot sauce made in California that gets its name because it is extremely hot. (It has been measured at 180,000 Scoville units compared to 2,500-5,000 for Tabasco). A current U.S. song lyric contains the lines: "You know you like it but it drives you insane; You know you like it but it drives you insane; You know you like it but you're scared of the shame-- What you want, what you gonna do?..."
November 29, 2016
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