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How to improve listening and speaking skills As the title, I am having problems with speaking and listening skills in English. When I speak, I hardly arrange words and sentences properly. They are just messy. In addition, when speaking, my grammar is terrible. I only use simple sentences and have basic mistakes in grammar. My ending sound pronunciation is also bad. When I speak, I almost forget them. It's better when I pronunciate word by word. Listening is my nightmare. When I listen, especially in tests, words seem to be stuck together and I can't find out the main point. Besides, I can't take note. When I take notes, I can't listen and vice versa. How can I take notes and listen at the same time? Would you please give me some suggestions to improve my skills?
Nov 30, 2016 2:12 AM
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You have to surround yourself with that language AS MUCH AS possible... Download podcasts and just constantly listen to them, watch youtube videos, watch tv shows, watch movies talk to people in it, talk to yourself, make videos of yourself talking in the language and talking about something that you care about
November 30, 2016
Regarding speaking, the best way to get better at it is to speak as much as possible. Yes, you'll make mistakes. At first you'll only be able to make short, simple sentences. That should be expected and you certainly shouldn't let that be a major frustration. Have you found a language partner who'd be willing to chat with you in English, even if its online? If you haven't checked around here at italki for one, you might want to give that a try and see if you can find one. As far as listening goes, I'm not sure I have advice that would work but I'll try to give some. I'm learning Korean at the moment and listening comprehension is my #1 issue. What I'm doing with my teacher here are dictation exercises that she's created and posted on her YouTube page. Perhaps you can search for similar English listening comprehension and dictation videos on YouTube. I would imagine there would be a number out there. Good luck with your language learning! :)
November 30, 2016
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