How to prepare for the Ielts writing?
Nov 30, 2016 7:38 AM
Answers · 4
Hi Alex, It depends on which exam you are taking, Academic or General. Both exams have the common writing task of a discursive essay on a topic of interest . This should be at least 250 words long with four or five paragraphs including a clear introduction, a paragraph stating each argument (along with relevant examples as evidence) and then a clear conclusion. The structure of the essay should be clearly laid out using signals such as "However", "Firstly", etc. For advice on the other part of the writing exam, I need to know which type of IELTS test you will be taking.
November 30, 2016
Hello Alex, David has lots of good advice for you but I would add that it is necessary to learn some strategies and practice them and writing to time. Best wishes Bob
November 30, 2016
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