Can you explain the expressions in this paragraph? i'm reading a book about how society can affect men's behavior, but i met a confusing paragraph. Here is the paragraph: "People are commonly raised to believe that they are worthless to begin with, that they should sacrifice themselves for their peers, and that the only way to regain their natural self-worth is by working hard and serving society. Males are unquestionably raised to believe that earning achievements is necessary to prove their value. Thus, males with status regain informal permission to think and act important, with formal authority and external recognition to back them up for as long as they still serve." Can you explain the expressions "formal authority" and " back them up for as long as they still serve" in this paragraph? thank!
Dec 2, 2016 10:23 AM
Answers · 3
I also find the paragraph confusing. At least some of it is pretty close to being nonsense in my opinion. So this is the best help I can offer: Authority= the power to give orders or make decisions. “Formal” can mean “public or official”. So I interpret “formal authority” to mean authority someone has because of their occupation. A police officer or a doctor, for instance, has an authority that is officially recognised. to serve=to hold a particular office, position, etc. : They served on the jury. She served on the city council for years. He served for five years in the army. back (someone or something) up or back up (someone or something)= to give help or support to (someone or something): I'll back you up if I think you're right. She backed her argument up with written evidence. It's time to back up your words with deeds!
December 2, 2016
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