Expression "girar en torno" A few seconds ago I encountered the expression: "La historia girar en torno al amor imposible de Romeo y Julieta" (lingvist). While I understand that this supposedly means something like, the story centers around or simply the story is about, I'm confused by the phrase itself. Doesn't "girar en torno" translate to something like "turn / rotate on lathe"?
Dec 2, 2016 10:29 AM
Answers · 4
¡Hola, Stefan! "La historia gira en torno a..." is indeed a common expression to say "The story is about...". To help you understand this, just bear in mind that "torno" has several meanings, and one of them is "around" ("alrededor" in Spanish). Here is a URL for you to be able to check: --> "en torno a": 'alrededor de'. I hope this helps! Alfonso
December 2, 2016
girar entorno... (spanisch) = geht es um... (deutsch)
December 4, 2016
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