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Does the "of" can be used after all the adjective of emotion? Is the question right? just like proud of, envious of, and what else?(of 不等于 的吧,中文 n+的 = adjective, 但没有美丽的的,所以感到有些难以理解) 2. what time does the "of" can be used after some verb? just like think of, hear of, and what else? (i thnk and i think of , i hear and i hear of. of在这里,对中文母语者真是很难理解啊) they are getting me all confused. 3. what the meaning of the "not only of...but of" ? for example: We live in dread not only of unpleasant insects like spiders or wasps, but of quite harmless ones like moths. what the meaning of "of" in here? what different with not only...but also? 同上,of感觉很奇怪
Dec 3, 2016 2:08 PM
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1. I'm pretty sure "afraid" (and other synonyms of it like scared) is the only other emotion you'd use "of" with. For the other emotions you'd use "about". Like, "I'm really sad about what happened yesterday". 2. Those are the most common verbs that you'd use "of" with. To keep it simple you can just use "about" with all the verbs. Like "I was just thinking about you when you called'. People tend to use "about" more anyway. 3. It means that people are afraid of both types of insects. You just use that sentence structure when you want to show that the emotion is being caused by more than one thing. It's usually used when the two things are very different. In this example one thing is harmful and the other isn't. I hope all that made sense!
December 3, 2016
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