Kira Abby
I need someone to help me correct my grammar mistake, could you do me a favor? Trauma stuck in the throat, tears soaking the pillow, you are just in silent for the indescribable pain. At countless and boundless nights, your unfinished dreams break up with innermost loneliness,. Night melts into day, and everything is fresh. Tsunami withdraws, only flux and reflux remained. You finally find beasts dwell in your heart, and you’ve quit without any attempts. Life’s bumpy in frustration, and heart’s firm with persistence. Confronted with imperfect life courageously, you’ll find every crack is filled with sunshine. What if life restarts, you’re still my heart-throb. We share enjoyments and sorrows at every dark night.Be brave to break every crack, then you’ll find cracks are filled with sunshine.
Dec 3, 2016 4:08 PM
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Traumatic pain in my throat, tears soaking the pillow, I silently endure indescribable pain. Countless, sleepless nights, my interrupted dreams emphasizes my innermost loneliness. Night turn into days, everything anew. Tsunami withdraws, only ebb and flow remains. I finally have found the beasts dwelling in my heart, but I’ve already given up the fight to subdue them. Life’s bumpy road full of frustration, and yet the heart should be firm with persistence. Confront my imperfect life with courage, and through the cracks of my shattered heart, sunshine can seep through. What if life could restart, would my heart still throb? We share enjoyments and sorrows at every dark night. We must remain brave so sunshine will break through the crack.
December 3, 2016
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