Photogenic, photogprahic. Which one is suitable for this sentence ? Fill in the blank: Her pictures are ..... in details and accuracy (photograph).
Dec 3, 2016 4:33 PM
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First, a couple of things about the words "photographic" and "photogenic". "Photogenic" can only be used to describe a person (or perhaps another living being, but probably only figuratively or humorously). So, a picture can't be photogenic. "Photographic" is not an evaluative term. We wouldn't use it to praise a picture or someone's photography skills (which, it seems, is what you want to do here). "Photographic" is a neutral term that describes anything related to photography. So it would be a tautology to say that a photograph is photographic (you're not saying anything at all). It seems that what you're looking for in this sentence is a way to praise someone's pictures because they have an eye for detail (it's not clear to me what you mean by saying her photos are "accurate"; do you mean they succeed in photographing what they intend to photograph? That seems like a very weak form of praise). So, we need the right idiom to express this praise. Your question is framed in a way that may trap you and others into thinking there HAS to be some adjective that fits in this place in the sentence. There may or may not be. There may be a grammatically completely different sentence structure which might work better. I would recommend, "Her pictures show a superior eye for detail." or "Her pictures really succeed at capturing detail."
December 3, 2016
If a painting/picture is “photographic” it means it looks like it’s a photograph. “Photogenic” is most often used about a person, but could also be used about scenery, for instance. You wouldn’t normally say a painting/picture is “photogenic”. If you said it was photogenic, it would mean it looks attractive in photographs or on film. So, “photographic” is what I think makes most sense in your sentence.
December 3, 2016
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