What's the differences betweeen 'significantly,remarkably and apparently'?
Dec 4, 2016 11:48 AM
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"Significantly" means that something is not just surprising, but that it means something. You expect the writer to tell you next what it means. "Rutherford's team discovered that a few alpha particles were, significantly, bouncing straight back from the gold foil. Rutherford realized that this meant that Thomson's model of the atom must be wrong." The word is related to "significance" which is a synonym for "meaning." "Remarkably" means that something is amazing or surprising. "He wasn't just tall, he was remarkably tall: 200 cm." "Remarkably" means it is so surprising that you are likely to say something about. You are likely to make a remark. "Apparently" means that it looks that way, but you aren't quite sure. "I don't see any lights on in their house. Apparently they aren't home... unless they have gone to bed very early." "Apparently" means "it appears that way."
December 4, 2016
Use significantly to say that something or some action it is quite important but not the more important thing. For example: "Do home work it is significantly action to get good scores in your final test" so... the home work it is a important think that can help you in your final test. (it is important,significantly but not the only thing ) Use remarkably to put in evidence things that are/were quite important, like "good actions". For example: - Angelina Jolie is doing a remarkably action. she have been making alot of charity action through the world; So... 'remarkable' it is a thing that isn't the more important thing... but when happened deserves be put in evidence. and "apparently" is a thing or action that possible can be true. For example: That girl it is crying. apparently she's injured is it clear for you now? i Hope so... See you
December 4, 2016
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