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有什么好的方法和经验可以迅速提高英语?What is a good method and experience to quickly improve your English? What is a good method and experience to quickly improve your English? 特别是同时在学习多门语言的朋友们,你们如何使自己的记忆能力得到提高,在语言库里正确的调动语言能力?
Dec 4, 2016 12:51 PM
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你好。我认为最快的方法是按照语言学家建议的方法去学。新西兰语言学家Paul Nation的2万词小书写的很不错: 我们省高考没有听力,大一时我听力特别差。来了个外国人给新生讲鸡汤我基本听不懂。大学四年我花了大概1600小时学习英语,基本就是循序渐进大量的听voa慢速BBC,读BBC news。大三时我托福听跟读就考了满分。 我建议你首先要明白你为什么要学英语,这样有目的地去提高才好。而且语言学习花的时间是以100小时为单位计算的,你可以算算你现在花了多少时间学英语。我初中加高中一共花了600多小时,而且大部分时间都是老师讲课、背单词做题什么的。严重缺乏阅读听力写作跟口语训练。
December 4, 2016
1. Watch lots of TV shows and movies with English audio and English subtitles. Pause the show when you don't understand something so you can look it up. This will be difficult at first but as you progress you will master common words and phrases since they get used repeatedly. 2. Practice speaking the language with native speakers. If you don't, your pronunciation will likely be bad. For example, what does "would" sound like? How about "subtle"? 3. Work with a tutor (like me!) :P Working with a tutor that doesn't speak Chinese will help since you will be forced to use your English.
December 5, 2016
Pimsleur has very good language programs. I just checked their website and they have English programs for Mandarin and Cantonese speakers. Here is the link to the English version website: You can also download a free 30-minute lesson if you want to try it before you buy. I have used Pimsleur for multiple languages and it is a great program. You may also find good free resources on YouTube. Good luck!
December 4, 2016
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