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What does "become emotional" mean in this paragraph? i'm not native speaker and i'm translating a book about how to date with a women because of the request of a male customer (sorry because this topic can offend you). But the book has a confusing text: "Some females will put a male’s character to the test by trying to take advantage of him in some way, such as pointing out his flaws to see if he is insecure, or disrespecting him by crossing his boundaries and getting on his nerves. However, if they do, it is because the male has shown them signs of questionable confidence already, so one cannot blame them for trying to make sure where a male really stands.[...]This is why you should never get defensive if you suspect a woman is testing you because if she is testing you she wants to see how you react, whether you stay confident or become emotional". I don't understand the meaning of "become emotional" in this paragraph. Does it mean "react strongly"? and why do "stay confident" and " become emotional" can be opposite? Thank you!
Dec 4, 2016 2:25 PM
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"become emotional" in this context means to lose some control over your emotions e.g. when overreacting. If you feel confident in a situation, you can express your emotions freely and naturally, without losing control.
December 4, 2016
This is quite a paragraph you are translating, which expresses a lot of opinions. Many assume there is rational behaviour and emotional behaviour - the first 'cool', the second 'hot'. So, I guess the writer is suggesting that a woman is testing whether a man loses his cool - perhaps by showing irritation, anger... I don't think 'confidence' is necessarily related to either rational or emotional behaviour - though the suggestion here might be that less confident people become irritated or upset more easily. If, for example, you look at many famous speeches in history they are filled with emotion and rationality, but were the speakers lacking in confidence? In most cases, I doubt it. Good luck with that.
December 4, 2016
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