Hello! I read somewhere that the German articles also have PLURAL forms, I'm sure if this is correct, but would an example of this be the nominative "die"? If so, than, do they not always use "die" if the noun it goes with is plural and they are in a different case?
Dec 4, 2016 6:32 PM
Answers · 2
Yes, articles do have plural forms in German too. They're the same for all genders, though, so there's not a lot to learn: die (nom.), der (gen.), den (dat.), die (acc.).
December 4, 2016
Die Frauen sind verspätet. Die is in this case a plural article in nominative. Das ist für die neuen Nachbarn neu. Here is another example, but this time in ackusative, because of the preposition "für". Ich bin nicht zufrieden mit den Ergebnissen. "Den" is "die" in dative. Mit is a dative preposition. If this is what u meant. Viel Spass beim Lernen!
December 4, 2016
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