exercise about modal verbs part 2 1) complete the text below with one of the modal verbs or expressions indicated (use each word once): can, can't,could, must, should, would, be used to, have to, shouldn't and had to: ...I have already promised him." "oh, Andrew! I haven't seen him for very long time! How is he?" "he is fine, Thanks!" Some days later they met at the university again and talked about the concert. "so, Carol! what was the concert like on Tuesday evening?" Josh asked. "Oh, it was fantastic! County Square was pretty crowded! I regretted to have gone by car . I must ( blank space) park behind Saint Methew Church." "what! My goodness, Carol! you shouldn't (blank space) have parked there! It's a very dangerous place. You had to ( blank space)have got harmed somehow." "I know but there wasn't anywhere else.Thanks for your concern! Hey, let's hurry to class. we"re late!"
Dec 5, 2016 12:32 PM
Answers · 2
The sentence "I (blank space) parked behind Saint Matthew's church". The answer here is "I should have parked behind Saint Matthew's Church". Also "you had to have got harmed somehow". The use of "had to have" is correct here. You could also use "must have" in this sentence. However, when you use "had to have", or "must have", you need to change "got" to "gotten". So it should read "You had to have gotten hurt somehow".
December 5, 2016
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