What is the difference between effective and efficient? I have checked these two words in the dictionary, but they translated them into the same Chinese word. I am very confused about how to use them> Thanks for your help! Shannon
Dec 6, 2016 3:09 AM
Answers · 5
efficient 是指工作效率高;其名词形式为efficiency,意为“效率,功效”。 effective 是指某种事物起了作用,产生了效果; 其名词形式为effectiveness,意为"效果,有效"。
December 6, 2016
yangxin appears to have the meaning correctly. efficient basically means the something is done without waste. For example an efficient car uses less fuel. effective basically means that it has done something adequately. For example an effective medicine effects a cure.
December 6, 2016
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