Please!!! One word Do you think life would be a 1)_____________ nicer if youdidn't go to school? Would being taught at home be 2)____________or worse? More and more parents areeducating their children at home, usually because they think schools are too noisy or overcrowded 3)____________their kids to learn properly. Some peopledoubt whether parents are knowledgeable or patient 4)___________to make good teachers. But kids whoare home-educated do just as well 5)___________ anyone else. In fact, some children are much further aheadin their studies 6)___________ kids who go to school! But do home-educated children miss out in other ways?It seems not. They are 7)___________ confident thanschoolkids and are closer to their families. Sixteen-year-old Mickey Cooper believes learning at home is the 8)____________enjoyable way by far. 'I'm happy I've never been to school,' he says. 'I learn from textbooks, CD-ROMs and also from the Internet. I've got as 9)____________ friends as anyone else, so I don't miss out
Dec 6, 2016 3:22 PM
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Hello Alina, what do you think? If you try first we will help you. Bob
December 6, 2016
Which one do you need?
December 6, 2016
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