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Translation Websites Does anyone know of an online translator that helps me translate but also let me dissect word for word to see what each word means? Like I can hover my mouse over the word to see what it means? I think Google Translate used to do that but it doesn't anymore. Sorry I don't know how to explain it lol, if you know what I mean that would be great hahahahaha
Dec 7, 2016 9:36 AM
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For japanese online translators is use - google : https://translate.google.fr - reverso : http://www.reverso.net - weblio : http://translate.weblio.jp Google and reverso have own their pros and cons, they don't have the same weaknesses at the same place, so I often use both. Weblio is interesting because it is specialized in japanese, and in addition to the imperfect online translation output, it comes suggestions which are real sentences by native japaneses that are close to your input. This feature is really nice. If you have firefox there are 2 great extensions for japanese. - ImTranslator - Rikaichan ImTranslator is a frontend to Microsoft and Google translators, but you just have to select some text and a little bubble appears, if you click it, a small popup with the translation appears. I find that quite practical. Rikaichan is the tool you are refering too, when you hover your mouse onto kanji (or words in kana), a popup with dictionary entries appears, so you can try to understand the sentence from the meaning of each word. (don't forget to download also the japanese's names dictionary, it is not included by default in rikaichan). If you use chrome, I think there is rikaikun which is a port of rikaichan from firefox to chrome.
December 9, 2016
Ma'am, I use the translator for helping me. However I don't want to know the meaning in my own country. I want to know what is this meaning in the foreign language that I am studying. Wether you are looking for it, You need to go on this site and type the word that you are looking for. Alow of your word will be the meaning in the language that you are studying. I hope to have understanding your question ^^" This is the site https://translate.google.com
December 7, 2016
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