My speech continues vs my speech is continuing When I was watching a film festival program on television, Mr. Sharuk Khan(Indian actor) was giving a speech in Bengali(local language) not fluently and in English fluently.First, he starts speaking Bengali little with difficulty then changes to English rest of the time.While speaking English.he pauses and says "My Bengali speech continues, has not stopped yet ".Saying this,he goes on speaking Bengali and English.This is the context. Now my question is Why does he use "My Bengali speech continues" in present simple tense and not "My Bengali speech is continuing" in present progressive tense.? Also, I see these types of sentences in news headlines such as "Fight over demonetisation continues in parliament" so in this case why is simple present used and why is not continuous "Fight over demonetisation is continuing in parliament" not used? Please get me correct if I make any mistakes in course of writing.
Dec 7, 2016 11:45 AM
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continues means sth. has not get ending. maybe there is a pause between it, but it will go on. continuing means that sth. has not get ending, and there is no pause, it means that from beginning to end it is always same.
December 7, 2016
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