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What are a couple of words in this hand written Persian text? I am trying to decipher a hand written text and a couple of the words are unknown to me. The portion of the text I know is below: چنانچه آقای از یک طرف و آقایان از طرف دیگر (this is the word I need to know) نسبت به تقسیم نامه فوق عدول کردند ده میلیون تومان بعنوان ورد زبان not sure what is meant by this بطرف دیگر پرداخت کنند. Please copy and paste the following link to see the actual hand written text: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1IBFxifcVUAxhTn3BMZ2BO0Qqtj8q4QF7Ue3AsLJfpWY/edit?usp=sharing If you know what it says please type the Persian text and post with explanation.
Dec 9, 2016 5:52 PM
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چنانچه آقای... از یک طرف و آقایان... از طرف دیگر نسبت به تقسیم نامه فوق عدول کردند ده میلیون تومان بعنوان جبران و رد زیان بطرف دیگر پرداخت کنند. I don't know the technical terms but I think that's what is written there. It roughly means: "If any of the guys violate the terms mentioned, they will have to compensate for that and pay 10 Million Tomans as well" hope it helps
December 9, 2016
The first word is "متضامناً", meaning "jointly". The second one I believe is "بعنوانِ جبرانِ ضرر و زیان", meaning "in compensation" altogether.
December 10, 2016
Hi James, Unfortunately, I could not open the link. I would answer your question, if you could send me the file.
December 9, 2016
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