네 노트북을 쓸 수 있어? vs 노트북 좀 써도 됩니까? Which one is correct in the context below? (I know the politeness level of 노트북 좀 써도 됩니까? is different - just asking about the grammar in general) A: 네 노트북을 쓸 수 있어? B: 아니, 지금 내가 쓰고 있어. 조지한테 물어봐. A: 조지야, 지금 노트북 쓸 거야? 내 노트북은 집에 있어. 네 것을 쓸 수 있어? C: 응, 써. 선생님한테 이메일 보낼 거야? A: 아니, 내 어머니한테 보낼 거야. A: Can I use your laptop? B: No, I am using it right now. Ask George. A: George, are you going to use your laptop now? My laptop is at home. Can I use yours? C: Yes, you can. Are you going to send an email to your teacher? A: No, I will send it to my mother.
Dec 10, 2016 3:56 AM
Answers · 2
네 노트북을 쓸 수 있어?: This sentence is vague, and can be understood in many different ways depending on the context: Is your laptop available? Is your laptop operational? 노트북 좀 써도 됩니까?: This one is the more explicit and polite way asking for a "permission". "Do you mind / Is it fine by you if I use your laptop for a while?" - Clearly the better pick
December 10, 2016
I would say "노트북 좀 써도 괜찮아?" or "노트북 좀 써도 돼?" to friends, and "노트북 좀 써도 됩니까?" to older people or in business situation as it sounds way more polite.
December 11, 2016
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