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2016년 12월 10일 (What went wrong?) An item from TOPIK I: (2점) 이 그림이 마음에 (______). 이것을 사고 싶습니다. (1) 듭니다 (2) 납니다 (3) 옵니다 (4) 잡니다 My answer is (4) though the answer is (1). It says that picture/image has something to do with his/her heart, that he/she wants to buy that. ---- Watching some random dramas. And it seems like it’s hard to have a transcript for some of the lines. I kept on repeating some scenes and I can’t hear clearly what they are trying to say in comparison with the subtitle. T_T 1. 네. 조 잘생이고야. (Yes. He’s handsome.) 2. 다인네요. (That’s good.) 3. 나도 재인씨 할 때 하나면 안돼고. (I can’t fall for you, Mr. Jae In.) 4. 어머니, 곡 밤 드세요. 네. (Mother, have a good night. Yes.) 5. 왜 나리 또곱지? (Why is it so hot?) 6. 뎅일도 안네자나. (It’s none of your business.) 7. 아모레도 여자가 네 인생은 키증도 하떼니까. (I think this girl holds the key to my life.) 8. 아니, 우리가 알아 살께요. (I mean, we will figure out.) 9. 그러니까 종신떡바러 잘히고 졸떼 들기지마. (So, get your act together and don’t ever get caught.) 10. 어떻게 도움 도와주? (Should I help you?) Needing for your help. Thanks in advance!
Dec 10, 2016 10:39 AM
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In the first question, 마음에 듭니다 is a common expression for "I like it" or "I'm satisfied (with it)". The other words are rarely used with 마음. Some of the Korean phrases you wrote are not quite intelligible. I'll list the ones I can guess with some confidence. 2. 다행이네요. 5. 왜 날이 뜨겁지? 6. 네 일도 아나잖아? 8. 아니, 우리가 알아서 할게요. 9. 그러니까 정신 똑바로 차리고 절대 들키지 마. 10. 어떻게 좀 도와줘?
December 10, 2016
Hello, I believe no 4 is 나도 재인씨 한테 반하면 안돼고 재인씨 한테 반하다 : Fall for you, Mr. Jein
December 11, 2016
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